Vancouver Sun Run 2014

In memory of our boy Koen, we walked the Vancouver Sun Run on Sunday, April 27 2014.

We entered as part of Still-Life Canada and other parents of stillborns joined us on this fabulous day. Each parent walking or running for their lost child and for the other parents who have lost their children far too soon.

We started off with a slow jog but walked most of it. Then the last kilometre, we upped the speed to a light run all the way across Cambie Bridge, past BC Place across the finish line. Finished the 10Km in 1h45m (not the fastest, but certainly not the slowest either).

2 thoughts on “Vancouver Sun Run 2014

  1. It breaks my heart that you can’t hold him in your arms Peter and Karla but clearly he will forever be held in your hearts, Having a little tear remembering a precious boy who’s life was taken before it really ever got to begin.

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